Similar to a concierge at a 5 star hotel, medical access plans provide you with a single source of access to, and or discounts on, many of the commonly needed medical treatments, services and products such as physician consultations, prescription medications, lab tests, x-rays, MRIs and other imaging services, dental treatment, diabetes and medical supplies, hearing aids and much more.


Medical Access Plans are beneficial regardless if the individual is covered by an existing health insurance plan or not. The benefits in medical access plans can help supplement traditional health insurance plans by providing discounts on the out-of-pocket costs associated with health insurance such as co-pays, co-insurance etc. Furthermore, individuals and families without health insurance coverage can benefit from the discounts and phone access to a physician consultation.


How and When to Use Your Medical Access Plans


The most common and obvious use of your Simple Savings Medical Access plan will be for phone consultations with a licensed physician. This benefit is not only convenient, it can also save you time and money by possibly avoiding a trip to the doctor's office. Before visiting the Urgent Care, Emergency Room or setting up an appointment at the doctor's office, you can speak directly with a licensed, board certified physician and via telemedicine, they can either diagnose and determine what the proper course of action would be, or prescribe medications to be filled at the pharmacy of your choice.


Secondarily, if the whether by phone or email consultation with a Consult-A-Doc physician, or via your family physician, you are prescribed medication or laboratory tests, x-ray or any other imaging services, your Simple Savings discounts can help offset any out-of-pocket costs you may incur.

Additionally, if your Simple Savings Medical Access Plan membership includes access to discounts on Dental Coverage, Diabetes and Medical Supplies, Hearing Aids, Nutritional Supplements, Over the counter medications, and much more.

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